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"I didn’t know any attorneys when I was injured on someone else’s property.  Thankfully, a friend recommended Kitchens Law Firm.  John handled my case from start to finish, successfully settling my case for more than I expected.  Not only was he able to achieve a great result, he and his staff worked with my medical providers to get my medical bills lowered and put more of the recovery in my pocket." 

- Doug

"I have known the Kitchens family for many years, but I have never needed to hire them for legal work.  I suffered a broken hip when a teenager ran a stop sign and hit my car.  I called Kitchens Law Firm and asked for John.  John was in California on business when I called, but he called me right back and talked me through the process.  I have never considered myself as someone who would file a lawsuit, but I was out of work and needed help.  My husband and I are raising two small children and the bills were piling up.  John didn’t want to rush through to a settlement like some lawyers.  Instead, he wanted to make sure I was completely through treating and my doctors had released me.  The settlement not only allowed me to catch up all my bills, but I was also able to start college funds for my sons."

- Marie

"I was severely injured at work due to a piece of defective equipment.  Kitchens Law Firm represented my cousin on his claim and he suggested I call them – I’m glad I did.  I couldn’t travel because of my injury, so they came to me.  I was guided through the treatment and litigation process, and my case was settled before a lawsuit was filed.  After the settlement, they helped me find a structured settlement company to invest my money and ensure that it would continue to be there for decades to come."

- Dewayne

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