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In Mississippi, an arrest for a misdemeanor occurs after a law enforcement officer witnesses the alleged crime, or the victim presses charges against you in court. Misdemeanors are usually tried in Justice Courts or Municipal Courts. Misdemeanors result in fines, a charge going on your record, and occasionally jail time. Sometimes, law enforcement gets it wrong. And sometimes, people file charges out of spite. Whatever the case is, do not settle for a scar on your record, paying fines, or possible time in the county or city jail. The experienced attorneys at Kitchens Law Firm, P.A. may be able to make these charges go away or limit the consequences you face.


In Mississippi, an arrest for a felony occurs upon probable cause. This law enforcement witnesses the alleged crime, obtains a warrant from a Judge, or you are indicted by a Grand Jury. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors. They carry prison time. And if you have already been convicted of one or more felonies, you may be facing prison time without the possibility of parole and subject to the maximum sentence under Mississippi law. And finally, if you or a loved one has been arrested but not yet released, the attorneys at Kitchens Law Firm, P.A. may be able to negotiate a bond that allows you to be released pending final disposition of your case.


Expungements are a mechanism that allow you to clear your name a record. If you were arrested and the charges were dropped, you were found not guilty, or the case was never prosecuted, you may be eligible to petition the court to clear any records pertaining to your arrest and the case. In some instances, if you have successfully complied with all of the terms of your sentence, you may be also be eligible for an expungement.

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